XLAM Cross Laminated Timber is a state of the art, flexible system developed for use in the timber construction industry. It is a solid, static load bearing and space creating timber panel that is ideal for any structural requirement thanks to its flexible dimensions and outstanding physical properties. Durable bonding of the cross-wise layered construction made of high quality raw material guarantees that the components are absolutely dimensionally stable and rigid. Panels are made up of 3,5 or 7  and range in thickness between 45mm – 230mm.

Surface Quality

Wood as a natural material is highly varied in its structure and has many natural characteristics.  Often such characteristics can impair its visual appearance.  Common visual characteristics are knots, annual rings and fissures.  The surface appearance of XLAM South Africa cross-laminated timber panels is dependent on the surface type specified:

  • Domestic Visual Quality (DVQ) – the surface lamellae are planed and sanded.  At a moisture content of 15% +/- 2% a maximum gap width of 2mm between the lamellae is permitted. The edges of all DVQ panels are chamfered as standard.


  • Industrial Visual Quality (IVQ) – the surface lamellae are planed and lightly sanded. At a moisture content of 15% +/- 2% a maximum gap width of 4mm between the lamellae is permitted.


  • Non-Visual Quality (NVQ) –  NVQ panels will not be provided for visual surfaces unless specifically requested by the client. Unprepared NVQ surfaces are not suitable for the application of painted visual grade finishes.


The perception of the surface finishes above is subjective and may lead to widely differing interpretations on what constitutes an acceptable finish.  Endgrain can only be provided as a non-visual grade finish. Sample panels representing the above surface finishes are available on request.



Cross Laminated Timber is a large-format, solid timber panel (with multi-layered, crosswise cross-section lay-up.)

Finger-jointed and planed lamellas are loosely laid next to each other and the flat surfaces of the layers  glued at right angles to one another. To avoid uncontrolled stress cracks, the narrow sides are not glued, but we are able to glue for visual quality panels. The layers are pushed laterally to dimension before applying the pressure (1.2 N/mm2) in order to obtain a gap-free surface.

Lengths to 8.25 m Widths to 2 . 85 m

Thicknesses 45 to 230 mm

Standard widths 1 .20 m /1 .20 m /2 .10 m /2 .40 m/2.70 m

Production is done in accordance with the draft SANS 8892 – Standard for performance rated Cross Laminated Timber.

XLAM South Africa is also FSC® chain of custody certified, which is an assurance that products are a sustainable resource.

Monterey Pine (Pinus Radiata)

Blue Gum / Flooded Gum (Eucalyptis Saligna Grandis)

Adhesives to SANS 10183-2. Approved for the gluing of load–bearing timber components .

Approx. 480 kg/m3 for determination of the transport weight

kN/m3 according to EN 1991-1-1:2002 for static calculations

15% (± 2%)

II to panel plane 0.01% per% change in moisture content

= to panel plane 0.20% per% change in moisture content

Airtight from a panel thickness of 90 mm

30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes achievable depending on panel build up and treatment.

According to the Classification Report of HFA, the average charring rate across several layers is for walls : 0.64 mm/min for ceilings : 0.71 mm/ min

-100mm CLT Panel: 

U- Value: 1.11W(m2K) (Timber panel only – excluding build up)


-165mm CLT Panel: 

U- Value: 0.70W(m2K) (Timber panel only – excluding build up)

Available as untreated, surface treated or pressure impregnated.

Specialised treatments are available which aid in the preservation of the timber.
These treatments improve the durability of the timber and help prevent insect and fungal attack.
Advice on the specific treatments, and requirements, can be discussed during the design and specification process.

Further information on timber treatments, and the legal requirements, can be found on the website of the South African Wood Preservers Association (www.sawpa.co.za)